#10 Steffen Heinrich: Co-Founder and CEO at Peregrine Technologies GmbH

Episode Summary

In this episode, 42 Headmaster Max Senges and Peregrine's CEO Steffen Heinrich think and talk about the future of mobility. How can digital technologies help reshaping and improving the industry? How can various players join forces? What could the future look like?

Episode Notes

Dr. Steffen Heinrich holds a PhD in computer science and robotics and has been developing algorithms and software components for self-driving cars since 2009. 

Steffen started out to develop intelligent systems at Freie Universität Berlin focusing on humanoid robots. He has later joined the former DARPA Urban Challenge contender AutoNOMOS Labs run by Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas. 

After joining Volkswagen Group in 2012, he has worked in their German and Silicon Valley offices to develop core self-driving capabilities. 

Before starting Peregrine, Steffen managed corporate strategy projects in the space of autonomous mobility-as-a-service, reporting to Volkswagen Group's Chief Digital Officer.


Peregrine.ai empowers teams to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all - through next generation video analytics.  

Bringing connected, perception-technology behind the windshield of any vehicle, Peregrine combines the best of telematics with the power of visual context to turn miles into actionable information. It’s fleet intelligence platform enables risk management within minutes, coaching drivers to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Peregrine’s unique approach attracts customers across insurance, automotive, geolocation-services and urban planning.


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