#9 Markus Albers: Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink

Episode Summary

In this episode, 42 Headmaster Max Senges and Rethink's MP Markus Albers talk about how digitalization changes how we communicate and why Markus changed his mind about the New Work movement, among other exciting things.

Episode Notes

Markus Albers is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur living in Berlin, Germany. He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink as well as Co-Founder of Neuwork.

Markus publishes a monthly newsletter, „Rethinking“, about the intersection of tech, society, and communication. Before he was Author at Brand Eins, Berlin-Correspondent for Monocle, Managing Editor at Vanity Fair, Editor at Welt am Sonntag and SZ-Magazin. His texts have also been published in Die Zeit, GQ, AD, Spiegel, and Stern.

Markus’ books “Meconomy”, “Rethinking Luxury”, “Morgen komm ich später rein”, and “Digitale Erschöpfung” have been well-reviewed and translated into five languages. He speaks and hosts workshops based on the books’ topics.

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